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1.8 Protocol for Access to Mosaic by Partner Agency Staff


In January 2016, this chapter was extensively updated and should be re-read throughout.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Process
  3. Access Conditions

1. Introduction

This protocol relates to key personnel from partner agencies whose primary role is to work with vulnerable children or adults.

Such access would need to benefit the outcomes for children by:

Caption: Introduction
1.1 Enabling key personnel to record their activity directly onto the case record.
1.2 Improve risk management (both for the child and key staff) by all staff having access to the Risk Assessment or Care Plan.

2. The Process

2.1 Requests for individual access should be made to the systems Team Manager (or the equivalent Team Manager in Adults) who will request completion of the Request for Access to framework template.
2.2 Requests for access should be authorised by the Joint Framework Board.
2.3 Once a network ID has been allocated authorised staff will complete the ‘new access to framework form' on the intranet and will be set up to undertake the e-learning training.

3. Access Conditions

3.1 Authorized key personnel will be given a worker role with the relevant access rights.
3.2 Authorized key personnel will have access to all Framework systems except restricted areas e.g. confidential adoption files, CP History etc.
3.3 In very exceptional cases, if an authorized staff member requires access to a restricted area for a particular child or adult (e.g. Key work with an adopted child or case record restricted for other security reasons); agreement must be given by the relevant Group/service Manager.
3.4 Authorized staff are only able to access Framework via an NCC networked machine unless they already have access to the NCC intranet at their work base. Depending on their base, some authorized staff will need to go to locality offices to use 'touchdown' working areas. There are 'touchdown' areas at most of the locality offices.