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8.5 Policy for the Provision of Holiday Breaks in Residential Units Providing Short Breaks Care for Disabled Children

Short Breaks

Our residential short breaks homes offer extended breaks which are taken out of the child/young person’s allocation. The length of break will be determined via an assessment of the potential impact upon the young person of an extended break, and in collaboration between families and the homes.

The following factors will be considered in e.g. deciding which families should be offered these breaks:

  • The direct impact of the proposed break on the disabled child/young person’s health and wellbeing;
  • The extent of the caring responsibilities presented by the child/young person, during the day and at night;
  • The degree of stress on, or deprivation of other children in the household arising from the child/young person’s disability;
  • The health and capacity of the carer’s, including whether the carer is a single parent or have their own disability;
  • Alternative support available to the main carers from Children and Young People Services, other agencies, the extended family and/or the community;
  • How long the family have gone without a holiday.

Those families will be informed about whether or not they can be offered a holiday break as soon as the home is in a position to confirm bookings. 

Those families in greatest need according to the criteria above will be given first option of a holiday break at the home.