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July 2020

Caption: July 2020 amendments
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Transfer Policy This chapter has been extensively updated and should be read throughout.
Child and Family Assessment This chapter has been updated and should be re-read.
Child in Need Plans and Reviews (including Detention under the Mental Health Act (1983)) In Section 4, Reviews of Child in Need Plans the timescales for the review meetings are clarified and in Section 7, Case Closure / Step-Down the timescale for case closure.
Protocol for Step Down / Step Up of Cases Between CDS Social Work Team and the Short Break Assessment and Review Team This chapter has been updated throughout and should be re-read.
Children and Young People Aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities An update has been made in Section 1, Principles to draw attention to OFSTED’s advice that Local Authorities should exercise due diligence in ensuring schools for pupils with SEN are registered with the DFE. The same diligence should be exercised on behalf of pupils with SEN.
Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children A link to the Digital Referral System: Report Modern Slavery has been added.
Notifications of Significant Events This chapter has been reviewed and updated and should be re-read.
Nottinghamshire’s Youth Justice Service Policies, Procedure and Guidance

A number of policies have been updated.

The following new policies have also been added: Case Management and Supervision and Practice Guide to Integrated Offender Management.
New Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Child Criminal Exploitation This chapter has been added to the procedures manual.
Removed Chapters
  • Concerns Arising from Sexual Activity or Sexual Abuse of Children and Young People.

Next Update: January 2021


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