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5.2 Supervision Orders Procedure

This should be read in conjunction with the PPG on Child in Need Plans and Reviews (including Detention under the Mental Health Act (1983)) Procedure.


In January 2016, Section 1, Introduction was updated and should be re-read throughout.

Contents List

  1. Introduction
  2. Prior to Meeting
  3. After the Meeting
  4. Transitional Arrangements

    Appendix 1: Supervision Order Review Booking Form

1. Introduction

Supervision Orders review meetings will be chaired by Child Protection Coordinators. At the review meeting parents, the child where appropriate and involved professionals consider progress on the supervision plan which was made at court and this is recorded in the form of a CIN plan.

The CIN plan will undergo an Initial Review within 28 days and then be reviewed no later than 4 months after the order is made. If the Supervision Order is for the duration of 6 months a decision at the four month review must be made as to whether a further Supervision Order is required. If the Supervision Order is for the duration of twelve months there will be a further review no later than 9 months after the order is made. A decision must be made by the 9 month review as to whether a further supervision order is required or not, if the order is 12 months in duration. The 4 and 9 month reviews will enable consideration to be given to the appropriateness of an application to extend the order if needed. The supervisor may apply for the Supervision Order to be extended up to three years from the date it was originally made if it is believed there is a need to do so. Reviews must take place thereafter at least every 6 months if the order is longer than 12 months or is extended. A final review must be held in the month before the order expires.

When a child is made subject to a Supervision Order the social worker allocated at the point the order is made is responsible for emailing the completed booking form to the CP diary with all required information, including the suggested venue and contact number, deciding on invitees and arranging invitations. Once this is completed this will be the point of transfer to the relevant District Team. The CP diary coordinator will be responsible for identifying a CPC to chair the meeting, booking the room, and notifying the social worker and the CPC that this has been done. One CPC per district has been identified as the Supervision Order lead.

The allocated social worker will be responsible for implementing the plan. If the chair is concerned at the lack of progress with a plan or any other practice issue, the Independent Chair Service dispute resolution process will be used. Any Child Protection or safeguarding issues which arise during the course of a Supervision Order must be responded to in line with Local Safeguarding Children Board Procedures.

The Child in Need review episode should be completed by the social worker for the child on Mosaic and sent to their line manager for approval 72 hours prior to the review meeting in order for the information to be available to the chair prior to the meeting. It should also be shared with parents prior to the meeting in the usual way. Line managers will verify the episode prior to the review meeting and clearly record their views.

The Mosaic episode Chair’s Record will be completed and sent to those involved within 20 working days of the meeting. Minutes will be provided to the child’s social worker for communication to the child and parent/s.

2. Prior to Meeting

Action Who is responsible Timescale
Supervision order made at court.    
Contact CP diary to request chair for first review meeting - with information regarding dates and venue- on booking form. Social worker ASAP
Venue booked. CP diary  
CPC (district lead) allocated to chair meeting.
Ashfield/Mansfield: Josie
Bassetlawe/Newark: Tazim
Broxtow/Gedling/Rushcliff: Pauline
CP diary  
Diary entry made to reflect detail of meeting and notifications sent to CPC and social worker in usual way. CP diary  
Sends out invitations to meeting. Social worker  
Completes Report to CIN review Mosaic episode. Social worker 72 hours prior to meeting

3. After the Meeting

Action Who is responsible Timescale
Minutes completed on report for the Chairs Record Mosaic episode, and distributed. CPC Within 20 days of the meeting
Minutes shared with parents and child. Social worker Within 20 days of the meeting

4. Transitional Arrangements

There are currently a number of supervision orders in place for Nottinghamshire children most of whom have dates for review meetings set. These lists have been supplied to the CPC diary coordinator. If the lead CPC is not available on the arranged date, the CPC diary coordinator will communicate with the social worker to explore the possibility of rearranging the meeting. If this is not possible, another CPC may chair the meetings if available.

Appendix 1: Supervision Order Review Booking Form

Click here to view Appendix 1: Supervision Order Review Booking Form